Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Hat


I was asked to make a TMNT hat for my great cousin for Christmas. I was kinda freaking out because I had never made anything for anyone else yet. But looking at his cutie hopeful face I couldn’t exactly say no, could I? So here is my first hat. I thought I would right down the pattern as I went and share with the world.

I used Stylecraft special DK in green, (It’s a great christmas colour too) and my 4.5mm hook.I think you use different hook sizes to make it bigger or smaller? I havent quite got the hang of it yet. This was supposed to be for a 4 year old, i made it to the recommended spec thats splattered all over the internet for that age group, but I tried it on and it fits me too????? Maybe I have a super small head…… You can use any pattern for the hat. Just adjust the mask to fit.

To make the hat.- 

*at the end of each round, sl st to join and ch2 to begin next round.

ch2, hdc12 inside first ch, sl st to join ch2 -12

2- 2hdc in each st  -24

3- 2hdc in 1st stitch, hdc 2 around -32

4-2hdc in 1st stitch, hdc 3 around -40

5-2hdc in 1st stitch, hdc 4 around -48

6- 2hdc in 1st stitch, hdc 5 around -56

7-2hdc in 1st stitch, hdc 6 around -64

8-2hdc in 1st stitch, hdc 7 around -72

9-2hdc in 1st stitch, hdc 8 around -80

Row 10 to 22 hdc around -80

23- sc around – 80

For the mask

ch 20, join with sl st in 3rd ch from the begining.

hdc in first 2 st after sl

ch 17. dc30 in centre of loop.

hdc 2 in centre, opposite first hdc.

dc30 in centre of second loop.

hdc around the outside of the entire mask and tie off yarn.

find outside centre of mask, sl to join yarn and ch as long as needed (I chained 35, enough for a little extra at the back to tie like a mask and make the hat tighter if needed)

sc along back to the mask, sl st into the mask again and sc along to the end, ch 1 and turn.

sc along,sl into mask again and tie off. Do the same at the other side.

To finish, just sew the mask onto the hat. I found pinning it first helps alot, I sewed the bottom of the straps on the 4th row from the bottom of the hat. And your done!


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